Alternative investment solutions

Investments that display moderate to low correlation with conventional stock and bond investments, which tend to be to be found in commonly available investment vehicles providing day-to-day liquidity, most often mutual funds along with ETFs.

Established upon the belief that investors are rewarded for their risk attitude, our liquid alternatives strategy looks to produce risk-adjusted returns through investments within a diversified portfolio of risk options.

Over the long-term an investors' capability to recognize and harvest a varied range of risk options can improve all round results in addition to enhancing portfolio diversity. This strategy provides a liquid, clear, alternative approach - an enhancement to current options (for example hedge funds).

Structured alpha solutions

Reed Cavendish Wealth Management provides a considerable lineup of liquid alternative options, such as our in-house, progressive structured alpha solutions strategies, that seek to take advantage of the built-in inefficiencies associated with the equity market to produce a stable source of uncorrelated alpha for investors.

Our additional liquid alternative solutions incorporate equity long/short, options trading, commodities, worldwide macro and absolute return bonds.

Structured alpha is an options-based solution that is derived from a combination of both long and short-volatility holdings continuously. The portfolio strives to capitalize on the return-generating characteristics connected with selling options (short volatility) whilst concurrently taking advantage of the risk-control characteristics connected with acquiring options (long volatility), and to continuously enhance the balance within both these kinds of exposures.