Results-driven process

Our investment process has been developed to bring you a bespoke investment strategy that is both flexible and transparent allowing us to deliver a strategy that aligns seamlessly with your current financial circumstances, risk preferences and investment goals.

A portfolio will be structured around your specific long-term needs and will usually be based upon multi-asset equities and focused on diversity. Our asset allocation process looks to the future and doesn't rely heavily on past statistics as an indicator that an equity will do well in the future.

Structured investment planning

We present a bespoke personal investment management service that contains anticipated return expectations, allocation protocols, liquidity requirements and restructuring policies. Continuous investment decisions will be made in line with the structured investment plan to ensure its continued suitability and to maintain a targeted rate of return.

Implementation of portfolio design

Reed Cavendish Wealth Management will propose strategic solutions and investments to carry out your structured investment plan. We are able to assist you in all aspects of portfolio design, including the best tax location for investments should you hold tax-deferred and taxable accounts. We also take into consideration potential implications for capital gains or losses. The implementation will focus on the strategies agreed during the planning phase.

Managing your portfolio

After implementation, we continuously monitor the portfolio ensuring risk is under control and the investments are performing to the required levels, rebalancing asset classes whenever necessary should allocations have strayed from the intended target levels. Reed Cavendish Wealth Management utilizes the latest technology that monitors all the assets we manage. We will review your portfolio with you on a regular basis and discuss any adjustments necessary should your circumstances change.

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