Investment management services

We need to understand your goals and where your main focus is. Are you looking for a regular income or are you more interested in capital growth? Maybe it's a combination of the two?

Our personalized investment solutions are based around the initial discussions you have with your dedicated advisor that uncover the exact direction you wish to take and the goals you wish to realize.

Investing for income

We provide various options for investing to meet your income requirements. Below are a few of the more common income investing vehicles:

Guaranteed rate of return

Whenever an individual loans a government or organization capital over a predetermined period, they are given a predefined payment, paid at regular intervals for the duration of the agreement.

Capitalize on high-performance

Dividends are paid to investors when they invest in a company's shares and are paid out as a percentage of the company's profits.

Capitalize on high-performance

Whenever portfolio earnings and growth are merged to deliver an overall figure from within the portfolio, earnings may be created through routinely 'drawing down' a figure from within the portfolio earnings.

Should your situation change, and you choose to change from an income structured approach to a growth approach, or in the event that you choose to modify your earnings amount, merely let your advisor know and they will make the required revisions to your portfolio.

Investing for growth

There are numerous ways to invest for growth, below are two of the more common options:

Global equity investment

By far the most popular strategy for investing for growth is acquiring stocks and shares in companies. Historical track records have demonstrated that retaining a portfolio of stocks over the long term has presented a means for an investor to safeguard their investments against the consequences of inflation. Every year a company may choose to pay a dividend to its investors.

Alternative portfolio diversifiers

By and large, alternatives are investments in assets besides stocks, bonds and cash (commodities for instance) or investment opportunities making use of strategic methods which go outside of conventional methods of investing, such as long or short. As alternatives have a tendency to act in a different way compared to regular stock and bond investments, incorporating these into a portfolio may well deliver wider diversity, minimize risk, and boost returns.