Investment advisory services

Our analysis is principally conducted in-house; however, we do consider third party analysis and advisory. We assist each of our clients to formulate independent investment conclusions.

We have access to a comprehensive network of private banks and advisory specialists, helping us to deliver tailored solutions to meet the dynamic needs of private investors and their families.

Capitalize on our research

At Reed Cavendish Wealth Management, our investment process is built around a solid analytical team whose focus is to ensure our clients' goals are achieved. Our experts continually assess the global economy and create well-founded predictions to ascertain the optimum combination of asset classes, marketplaces and foreign currencies within each investment strategy.

Advice to meet your needs

Reed Cavendish Wealth Management's investment advisory is able to discover opportunities in fixed income and hedge fund investments through a number of key performing markets. We are also able to take advantage of specialized funds that become available to us through various private banks.

We are able to choose the right specialized funds, such as those relating to emerging markets and create bespoke portfolios for our clients according to their particular risk reward preferences.